Farming Simulator 19
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FS19: Карта Papenburger Map V1.0.0.1
Стань современным фермером! Выращивай урожай, разводи скот, расширяй угодья и модернизируй свою ферму. Устанавливай этот мод Papenburger Map V1.0.0.1 для FS19 и сделай свою ферму успешной как никогда!

Farming Simulator 19


Modell: Giants Software/ JimkerkTextur: Giantssoftware/ Modcompany /JimkerkIdee / Konzept: JimkerkTester: Sascha R,Jonas W, Marcel, Hennig M,Goldi Partrick H, Christian W ,Lars K , ElmoSonstige: Vielen dank für eure Unterstützung


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Сделай свой геймплей в новой версии Farming Smulator еще более интересным и разнообразным с помощью этой модификации Papenburger Map V1.0.0.1. Выращивай урожай, разводи скот и расширяй свои владения.

Оригинальное описание: Jimkerk Presents Papenburger Map
So ladies it is so far, what would be long is good at last.
First some technical information about the map:
Grass very important thing
1 I have packed 4 placeable open land silos 2 for grass (output hay) 2 for maize (output silage)
2 Are multisilos again as above silage and hay output (means 6 silos in one) to gradually uncover since yes as you know the silos ratz fatz cover.
So now the most important thing about grass is that you understand why I’ve solved that at the moment. By default, the ratio of groundtofill for grass, hay and straw is 1 to 6
I have set grass and hay 1 to 1.3 and hay 1 to 2.
This means that the swaths are much smaller. In the Breitablage there are only small bushels (yet) Therefore I ask you uses the BIG M and mows in the swath. That is still reasonably acceptable.
Now the explanation:
Since the ratio 1zu6 is from the ground to fill and I would like to watch the grass in the silo is that means if I have 40000L in the car and it in the silo off I have then 240000L in it after the dump.
This is of course supoptimal.And if I leave it at chaff and would like to remove hay and would leave the ratio 1zu6, at 40000L only 6666.66 liters would come out hay. So I put the mass down on a denominator 1 zu1.3 to simulate digestive losses. With input chaff and output silage there is no difference because both in Groundtofill have 1zu1.
I’m going to come up with something (I’ve already got an idea) to get the problem under control. Be happy with it first there will be an update.
The map is otherwise so far completely independent of the main directory what Fruittypes, filltypes etc angeht.Dort I made some adjustments.
Some cows give a little more milk, manure and manure.
Yields of fruits are also slightly changed.
additional features
36 fields or parcels of different sizes con 2 up to 20HA
A few areas for different courtyards and placeable buildings (for MP or Dediserver)
Maximum heap height 8m
Destructive corn stubble and weeds
Gras can also run over again and is reset one step. (I find more realistic)
Manure and sugar cane can be planed like chaff, grass and hay
Hectare price is fixed on our reginonal conditions of approx. 25000 €
Known mistakes
Some small log errors (Do not influence the game)
Pda still needs to be adjusted. But in the rough
Unfortunately, the weather or the sky in the GE loaded with and you have in the top view all veiled. Have not found out how mans disabled.
The map was put through its paces in the singleplayer and MP and there was no crash or other difficulties. Only the Giants known teething troubles which hopefully will be fixed.
Have fun
Support as always by Pn or in the comments
Please keep the DL link
If you want to support me, you can pay me to pay attention via Paypal.

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Важно помнить, что моды работают только в ZIP-архивах. Если же скачанный архив в другом формате (к примеру RAR) — значит внутри него скорее всего один или несколько ZIP-архивов, которые нужно извлечь (как правило это касается модов карт и паков модов).

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